Audirvana Origin - How to force dynamic calulations on missed albums?

Hello Origin community,

My library contains over 43,000 songs and over 3,000 albums,
Mainly DSF and Hi-Res Flac formats.

I am facing these issues:

  1. DSF files won’t get any dynamic range calculation.
    With Audirvana v3.5 it could been forced to do it on a manual basis per album.
    In Audirvana Origin I am not finding this option any more.

  2. Due to larger changes in my library structure, Audirvana Origin has lost track on some dynamic ranges of Flac files. Typically, newly imported albums can be batch processed of “Audio Signal Analysis” for once. But how I can re-calculate the ones that don’t have the dynamic range on file any more. They won’t show up again in the batch window of “Audio Signal Analysis” for a 2nd time.

Is there a remedy to force recalulate certain files or albums, and all DSFs for a 1st time?

Thank you in advance.


Audirvana can’t do DR for .dsf or sacd…
I do mine in JRiver, then the numbers will be updated in Audirvana on a sync after…

Couldn’t be done if i remember well in v3.5 also…

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Here you can force or simply say ‘start’ and it will do all not done analyzed albums or the ones you want to be done… except dsf or sacd kinda files.


Dear RunHomeSlow,

Thank you very much for your response.

The aforementioned batch process is exactly the “Audio Signal Analysis” menu entry you’re referring to. My needs are like this:

Provided an album has initially already been processed via the batch “Audio Signal Analysis” but for reasons not obvious some songs are losing their DR values, is there a way to force an album to recalculate their “lost” DR values?

Dear RunHomeSlow,

in the old v3.5 Audirvana DSFs could be forced to compile the DR. Manually, but possible.

I am wondering if this feature is still somewhere deeply hidden in Origin?

Regarding JRiver, I don’t own access to this Software yet but may procure a licence and use it for DR DSF analysis. Can you explain how the the sync filter must look like?

Once I understand the sync logic, I may also use v3.5, then compile the DSF DR values, export them from the SQL Lite DB and import the values into Orign’s SQL Lite DB “AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite”.

You can also just click an album, when you see the songs, put the info panel and go to the third tab, there you can recalculate the DR for a song or all that album. Sync is just the button next to your library folder in the preferences in case you don’t see the change immediately when they are done.


Hello RunHomeSlow,

That is exactly the solution I was missing:

Hidden in the 3rd tab of the Info panel I can force recalculate songs * P E R F E C T * :grin:

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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