Audirvana Origin keeps synching library

Hello there and Happy 2023 to everybody!
Bought and installed Audirvana Origin 2.2.2 today. It works smoothly. Nevertheless something “strange” happens with synching (first method i. e. synching the local folders). It keeps always synching. In other words, the “synching bar” at the top of the screen is always active. I have two music libraries: the first is the Apple Music library in my MacBook Air, the second is an Apple Music library in an external HD.
Any suggestion?
Many thanks for helping,

You just installed it? Have some patience, this can take a long time. Just leave Audirvana on and wait until tomorrow.

Absolutely right! I have been patient and the problem disappeared.
Many thanks,

My New Year’s resolution was not to get impatient and I’ve already blown it. :angry:

Also check if it is set to rescan on restart. It is not necessary as Audirvana will scan for any changes at any time such are made.

This is what I have done:

  1. “cleaned” my MacBook Air with Onyx
  2. started Audirvana Origin then …
  3. … it asked me to reinstall the audio OpSys (it is called this way if I remember correrctly)
  4. reloaded the libraries …
  5. … problem disappeared

So, frankly, I haven’t a clue of what happened.