Audirvana pink Floyd missing sound on money track

I went to listen to a song in Audirvana on my iMac using big sur latest version and latest version of Audirvana and streamed to my denon amp via Bluetooth all was well until it came to Pink Floyd song money the sound of money was missing at the beginning so I played it through the operating system via quick look and it was there anyone have any ideas what’s happening because I haven’t got a clues.

Could be a reminder to pay your monthly subscription fee? :grinning:

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the thing is if it doing it on one song that happens to be noticeable it could be doing it on others.

Don’t start…………lol :upside_down_face:

I’ve got money via Mac mini Monterey beta TIDAL , usb , pro-ject dac
Why Bluetooth? That’s a compromise in sound quality

Good question.
Bluetooth is great for video calls with my AirPods Pro, not for music playback with any player.

I know it is but at present its my only option as the old denon amp has a dac but no usb input

Ok got it, understand then you have no stand alone DAC
Better would be a patch cable from headphones jack to single end rca’s

How are you getting Floyd, local file? TIDAL?
Amp has toslink optical input?


Then I would guess it could be a bad cd rip, gapless issue
Did you rip the cd your self or otherwise let’s say ?

Guys help me here, does iMac have optical out via headphones port perhaps?

ive re ripped the cd with different software and its working now thanks

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Right on, now try to achieve a better connection to your amplifier

Enjoy the music