Audirvana plays tidal on my dac on 44.1 only


i have Audirvana the legacy version 3.5… installed on my pc windows 11. I recently bought cambridge Audio Evo 150 and connected it to pc through usb that supports up to 384 khz 32 bit.
Audirvana only plays at 44.1 through tidal, while from the preferences it allows me to select the maximum bit rate and khz. When starting playing anything from tidal it plays at 16 bit 44.1.
I decided to try a free trial version of the new audirvana and it plays correctly (max quality of tidal). I believe is like Audirvana legacy does not recognize correctly my tidal Hifi rez tier ? Or is it outdated. Playing a flac file from my pc it plays correctly on the appropriate bit rate and khz. Any idea?

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I dont know if this happens only to me but it looks like Audirvana legacy does recognise tidal Hi Fi plus tier, but only Hi Fi. I suppose Audirvana legacy version at least should give to old customers a support to this easy task. Its a matter to recognise the tier nothing else.

Hi @Titan,

Since activating TIDAL MAX on our partner API, TIDAL has not provided as many MQA tracks as before. It should display the Hi-Res FLAC tracks, but TIDAL implementation in version 3.5 was done before TIDAL Max. Therefore, the HiFi Plus subscription tier is not recognized by Audirvāna version 3.5 and is limited to 16/44 CD quality.

The subscription status check wasn’t initially activated by TIDAL, which gave access to Hi-Res files in version 3.5 for a short period before the update of their API.

Hi Antoine,

I’ve experienced the same issue. I’ve been a user of Audirvana for over 10 years now and despite subscribing to Roon, I’ve continued using my Audirvana version 3.5 for UPNp network streaming to my DAC. I’ve always enjoyed the sound of Audirvana, so any chance that this issue will be resolved for the legacy version 3.5 users? Sadly, I’m not able to justify paying for yet another subscription service…so need to stick to what I already got. Many thanks.

Hi @Foyops,

This issue can’t be fixed as it relies on TIDAL API. Since they moved our API to TIDAL MAX support, legacy versions are affected by this, as I described in my latest post in this thread. :point_up_2:

As of today Tidal combines its subscription plans to one. So from now on we can enjoy Max quality through Audirvana.

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Hi Titan. Unfortunately Tidal plays still in the lower bitrate only on Audirvana 3.55. I tried to log in again for the newer subscription, but it displays only Tidal HiFi. Have you found a solution?