Audirvana Plus 2.6.10 not syncing w/ Music on Catalina, unable to add folders

since i’ve upgraded to Catalina 10.15.1, new files in Music (iTunes) won’t sync.
if i try and run it integrated the Audirvana player shows up and i can control the volume, but that’s it, song doesn’t show in screen and play buttons etc don’t work
i can run Audirvana by itself - but can’t add folders or music at all. it shows that it sync’s to music when i tell it to do that, but when i try and add a folder to the window (method 1) i select the iTunes folder but nothing shows up. (in security Audirvana is not asking to access files and i can’t add it).

thanks in advance!


i think i broke it some more…i deleted the sync file and re-synced it and saw some album covers show up but didn’t stay except for one…

Hello @ultra, Audirvana 2.6.10 is not compatible with Catalina. You should consider trying for 30 days for free our latest update which is fully compatible with Catalina. To do so you can go to

Since you are already a Audirvana customer, you can get your update at a reduced price, feel free to go to the following page:

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