Audirvana Plus 3.2.2

Hi, I use this version, and when I purchased a lifetime use license as I understood.

The MacBook I use it on is having problems, and I gear it will need to be replaced. I am likely to get another old MacBook and wanted to know how if I can get any old install copies, and how I manage my license to start again on a new computer?

3.2.2 is pretty old, you may want to ask the support, not sure the remove license will work on 3.5 link?

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It says previous so should do the trick, if not definitely submit to support


How old is your MacBook and which MacOS are you running?
I have one from mid 2010 running High Sierra and it works with the legacy Audirvana 3.5.50 like a charm.
Also SQ is very good.


Matt, I am happy with everything - I agree it sounds good, and I don’t want to spend any more money. I just want to reinstall the software I own onto a new device!!

It’s a 2010 unibody

I just can’t recall how I installed this original version or have even the software download, so I am just after advice on how I might get this into a replacement MacBook.



As far as I can recall the old versions of Audirvana came as a .dmg file (a compressed disk image file similar to a zip file on windows) and once opened the app was just copied to the applications folder. (If my memory serves me correctly!)

If you can still boot the old MacBook copy the Audirvana 3.2.2 app from the applications folder to a back up disk and then across to the applications folder on the replacement. (This works for 3.5 and for all newer versions so I would expect it to be the case for 3.2.2.). Obviously you will need to copy the old database file if you want to retain your old data (library, metadata edits, playlists etc) and install on the replacement Mac in the folder created by Audirvana. overwriting the new file created by Audirvana when first opened.

If you can’t access the old MacBook then a request to Audirvana for a DMG of 3.2.2 is in order. Up to them whether they provide it but I am sure they have old versions in a server archive or backup. Just make sure the request is in an appropriate tone…….



I got hold of an old MacBook that replaces the old one that is occasionally not starting up and making strange noises from the disc drive. I copied the Audirvana app across and on start up it required a license key…which of course I have no idea what this was.

I guess I will have to ask Audirvana if they can resend this

Thanks, I have sent an email, so fingers crossed.

The reason I keep this, is obviously because I like the sound quality and familiarity, but also because my DAC has an appalling USB quality so I use optical out and this is only supported in older MacBooks.


Backward move removing the opt out…

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