Audirvana Plus 3 no longer switches DAC's bitdepth based on source

Hi I am using a Schiit Bifrost Uber with A+3 and I noticed that the music is always played at 32bit with integer mode on and is always 24bit with integer mode turned off. with A+ 2.6.x the DAC’s Bitdepth always was the same as the source with integer mode on. 16 bit music would switch the DAC to 16 bit, 24 bit to 24 bit, etc. (I have noticed that Jriver Media Center has the same behavior as I described in my opening sentence.) Was A+ 2.6 showing the wrong DAC bitdeph or something and was actually outputting everthing as 32bit with integer mode on? I just want to know which program behavior is correct.

This was causing more issues than benefits, especially since El Capitan.
So now Audirvana Plus 3, uses the 24bit (or 32bit if not avail) stream format, instead of the 16 bit one.

But this is only for the transfer over the USB bus. The DAC internally recognises 24bit padded with 8 0s at the bottom end is a 16bit signal. This has then no impact on the resulting sound.
And btw, most DACs offer only one streaming format on the USB bus (24bit or 32bit).

Ok thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated!

I have noticed the same behaviour. Meridian Explorer2. Thanks for clearance.