Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 cannot see any UPnP devices

There are a number on my internal network that other players can see, but I cannot get Audirvana to see them. For example I have a Naim 272 streamer, Asset UPnP server and Bubble UPnP server. I would like to use Audirvana as a control point for these, but at the moment it cannot see them. I look in the debug info and it says at the end “UPnP devices found: 0”, and other things like the windows explorer or Linn Kazoo can see them fine. Any help appreciated!

Can you ensure that Linn Kazoo is not started when starting Audirvana Plus? This could interfere and prevent Audirvana Plus from listening for uPnP devices.

Also, do you have more than one network adapter on your PC (including virtual ones)?
If yes, then you’ll want to disable the extraneous ones just before launching Audirvana Plus, to ensure it listens for UPnP devices on the right network adapter. you can reactivate them after if wished.

Disabling the network adaptors fixed it! Thanks!