Audirvana plus iFi Nano iDSD BL: only up to DSD128

The mobile DAC “iFi Nano iDSD Black Label” supports DSD256 (see, but Audirvana 3.2.5 shows in the upper left corner the result “DAC:32/352,8kHz Stereo”, if I use DSD256 (Audirvana displays “DSF DSD256 Stereo” in the upper right corner). Is there any known issue? What can I do in the options to reach the expected maximum DSD256? … If I play DSD128 files then all is fine.


If you have not already select that preferences, try it, the 1.1:

I already had selected the 1.1., but thanks for your hint.

Is “32/352,8kHz Stereo” = DSD256?

Here is what i have for my DAC that can go
in PCM mode 32/384 max
in DSD mode 128DSD max

mine can’t go with DSD256 file, so it Convert it to PCM mode as seen in first pict to the max it can…
when playing DSD128 max DAC it shows on the Left DSD128
when uncheck DSD over PCM i lose my DSd so, the same file is convert from DSD128 to max DAC at 32/352

So it looks like your DSD mode is not working you should see DSDxxx on the left part of A+ when a song is playing.
the right part is the song actual format and the left part with volume is what you do to it…
if you don’t upsample in the preferences panel, it should stay the same, if you upsample 16/44 to DSD 128 for example,
it will be 16/44 on the right and DSD128 on the left. If you don’t see DSD 64, 128, 256 and the left when you see it on the right while playing a DSD file, DSD not working… as said before check DSD over pcm, but you already did that, so maybe a pref on you DAC ???

mine also picture if automatic selection is selected i don’t see my DSD Choices, with dsd over pcm 1 or 1.1 they appear and works.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks RunHomeSlow for your support. My Dac works exactly like your DAC.

But my mobile DAC “iFi Nano iDSD Black Label” supports DSD256 officially, but it seems that Audirvana can not detect it correctly (only up to DSD128). But I don´t know the reason.

Is there anybody here with the same DAC?


You should try here also… more people :grinning:

Doctor Google helped me. An Upgrade of the dac firmware solved the problem. The Helpdesc had said I should not do that…

I only get two clicks when I try to listen to an MQA file with Audirvana and my iDSD BL. I upgraded the BSD firmware to 5.3RC2, but the upgrade file installed 5.3C. And I still get no sound playing an MQA
What am I doing wrong? I am listening via headphones. And this is all on a Mac.

Do you know following site?

The newest officially firmware is only “5.2 Limoncello”, that I had installed. Where do you find 5.3 RC 2?I don´t use MQA because of Qobuz.

Btw: In my support ticket I got following information: “the firmware 5.3 RC 2 IS MQA - MQA firmware changes LED colour to white (all sampling rate other than MQA).” Maybe you have to check Audio MIDI Setup first? You should open a support ticket at, they try to help…

Best, Frank
It won’t do MQA without it. I found that MQA started working after I licensed Audirvana Pro. The trial version does not work for MQA.
But I cannot get Qobuz to stream, Nothing happens when I click play. Tidal works though.
I wish that Audirvana supported Deezer. Tidal has really awful support, and many bugs. For example, it stops playing before the end of some albums. Deezer won’t do MQA yet, but it would be nice to have all the streaming services in one spot.
And BTW, with Tidal it says I get 384 support.

What do you mean?! Which Qobuz abonnement do you have? I like Qobuz (I use Sublime+) and it works under Audirvana with the NANO BL fine. You need to login into the Qobuz Account with the correct Limit stream quality in the options of Audirvana.

I accepted the Qobuz offer, and logged in on audirvana. But all the quality options are greyed out, although the first one is checked. However after licensing audirvava, it seems to work.
Well no. Qobuz cuts off after a minute or 2. And how does one find the MQA tracks?

Well, I guess Qobuz is not available in the USA in hi-res. :frowning:

Qobuz doesn´t offer MQA tracks, but many HiRes tracks. Why should Qobuz cuts off after 1-2 minutes? Okay, there are some albums where nobody has permissions to hear the whole tracks, maybe you opened such special music. You can countercheck that with Qobuz webplayer or the native mac app, where you can recognice such limits.

The launch in USA was planned for 2018. Is it done?

for USA see in the mid of 2018