Audirvana plus upgrade

Yesterday I tried to install audirvana plus software on my win 10 pc but jumped into a free trial of audirvana studio. Is it possible with my one-time subscription ordered 5 years ago, to install the audirvana plus software on my win 10 pc? If yes, what should I do? I am not interested in audirvana studio, I just prefer to manage my library with this great software, but I would like to manage my library on my win 10 pc as well. Besides the fact that I don’t know which upgrade is free and which is not. Thanks for your help

You won’t be able to use your Audirvāna V2 license file with Windows 10. You can however try Audirvāna Origin instead of Audirvāna Studio, it will allow you to use it on your Windows 10 device without a problem.

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Thanks Antonie, so Audirvana origin as far as I understand, is like audirvana plus only that it is possible to run the software on win 10 as well. But of course I shouldn’t have to pay anything since I paid the one time subscription and this is just an upgrade, right?!

The Audirvana v2 you bought back in 2016 and Audirvāna Origin are two different software, if you want to use Audirvāna Origin after your trial, you will need to pay your license key to continue using it. Remembrer that those software are not suscriptions, only Audirvāna Studio is a subscription.

However since you are an existing customer of Audirvāna, you can get a preferred price on the purchase of your license key.

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