Audirvana quits

Suddenly Audirvana quits and I have to start it up again. Or I need to restart cause it does not connect to the remote app.

Also the remote app in my iPhone works bad. Some times the app doubles the tracks and sometimes only the first three-four tracks… and some times it can not connect to Origin.

I run MacMini and OS Ventura 13.4.1(c) and the latest version of Audirvana Origin.

This has been som some while now and the problem with the remote app has been for a long while now!

The experiens with Audirvana should be about the music not about the computer and restarts…

Hi @ECM,

When do you experience this? When you start the app?

Most often when I change record. Or when I have changed the record once and want to change again.

Ok, can you copy all of this content, paste it in a Textedit file and send it at

Will do next time it happens

Audirvana crashed first thing I started listening again. So I have sent the report. Hope for a reply…

But still the problem with the remot app that doubles the tracks. But often just the first tracks.