Audirvana > Raspberry 4 (Dietpi) > DAC or working !?!

Hey there,

I need some help with my digital audio setup to which I’m trying to add/bridge a Raspberry 4.

I am currently using a trial version of Audirvana (in case it makes a difference) to play the digital audio files stored on my NAS. Audirvana is installed on my PC which is connected to my Teac UD-503 DAC via USB.

The whole thing works OK so far (didn’t have the Wow effect I was expecting though, the sound is not fantastic, but maybe it is related to the problem described below) but to take thing one level higher and have a cleaner USB connection and move my PC away from the DAC, I decided to purchase a Raspberry 4/RPI in order to use it as a bridge.

I have installed Dietpi on the RPI, set it up to recognize my DAC as audio output in the audio options and installed Gmediarender. This app is a DLNA rendered/endpoint, supposed to allow receiving the audio signal from Audirvana via the ethernet network and forward it directly to the DAC.

But… In Audirvana the RPI does not appear in the audio peripheral properties (the name of my DAC with the « peripheral not detected » error message are displayed) or it is listed below Ethernet in the network area but I can’t get any music to play!

What’s wrong. Did I miss something? I have read tons of things about the Audirvana/RPI/DAC setup and am really wondering what else I could try.

Any feedback and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Try with RoPieeeXL on the RPi. You might have better luck.

Thanks for directing me in that direction but before I give up on Dietpi I’d like to make sure I didn’t do something wrong as this configuration works for other people. Any tips or things to double-check??


You’re basically creating an Allo Usbridge albeit with a rpi4. Software is the same - Dietpi + gmrenderer.
So your pc and your pi should be on the same network and your dac is connected via usb to your pi yes?
I’d start by checking the basics - eliminate A+ for now. Can your pc see the pi? Try pinging it. If that’s working then check your syslog on the pi for any errors.

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Thanks for your help. I finally gave up on Dietpi after finding out several people are having the same issue. So, I installed RoPieeeXL instead which was detected as a network component right away by Audirvana. However, there is now another problem: when I click the Play button nothing happens. I can see Audirvana is preloading the full track in memory (white progression bar) but playback just doesn’t start and the cursor remains at 00.00. What’s wrong?

Have you tried to click on play one more time?

Yes, but it just won’t start playing. :frowning:

Hmm, it was known as working.

Could it be network related? Maybe that I need to change something to my network configuration? It really is puzzling me as plugging the DAC directly into the USB cable works right away…

Can’t exclude that. Do you have double NATing in your network?

Nope, I only have a single router to which the following are connected: PC with Audirvana, RoPieeeXL endpoint, TV, NAS.

Is your RPi connected via Ethernet or WiFi?

Do you by chance have an older RPi (2 or 3). If you do, you can try with that.

All peripherals are connected by ethernet. I only have an RPI 4.

So, to follow up on this issue, the solution was to set static IP addresses for the NAS and Raspberry endpoint! It now works like a charm. Just in case this may help other people in the same situation… And thanks again for your help!

Hi, same issue here. how do you set the static IP adress for Raspberry endpoint? Thanks!


I had to configure this setting in the router of my Internet Service Provider.


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