Audirvana Remote (apple) - Ratings option

Here is something I’d love to see added to the Remote on the iPad.
A “Ratings” selection added to options menu would be GREAT!

Here’s a better idea. Replace the :heart: with the :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: selection. It would be great to see my “Star Ratings” and also to be able to add and subtract. I find the single “Heart” useless when rating songs. I also have Play Lists that use the “Star Ratings” as a filter.
5star, 4star, 4&5star, etc.

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You want to give reviews to your own music?
Surely you like all your music, no?

This post is not serious ( before the sensible police jump on me again )

I have created Play Lists that reflect the “star” ratings. This gives me greater ability to tailor my library for playback that reflects my preferences, as apposed to using a single :heart: