Audirvāna Remote booklet

At times, the booklet refuses to show up on the remote. Never had this problem on the old remote with 3.5.The booklet is important to me as I listen to a lot of classical music and the details of the performers etc matters a lot.

Booklet? Could you post a pic? Thanks.

Thanks. I do not seem to have this on the PC.

It’s there on Mac and PC but will reveal itself only provided there is a booklet in the folder containing the album ( a pdf usually downloaded with the music file)

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Here it is on a Mac!

Very nice! I have some albums with pdfs in the folder and I cannot display them or any other artrwork in Studio (for Windows).

Hello @lucretius ,

If you add a pdf file in the album folder, you will see the booklet appearing in the Remote as @Hiind has. have you tried it ?

I’m sorry. It is working now. I don’t know what I did last time. I can display the pdf in Audrivana Remote and in Studio. Thank you.

[WIndows 10, Studio 1.5.6]

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