Audirvana Remote connection issue to Windows 10

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

For those who have trouble with the remote App on iOS/Android to connect to their Windows 10 we have a procedure to check to ensure your Windows 10 can see your App.

Thanks to @Zkeller who had this issue, you can follow those steps bellow:

  1. Make sure you have version 3.5 or higher open on your PC.

  2. Make sure that your Mac or PC and iPad/iPhone or Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi (local network).

  3. Check the firewall settings: In Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Firewall and Network Protection > Allow an application via a firewall, make sure that Audirvana is allowed to access the network.

  4. Check your connection property: In Settings > Network & Internet > Check connection properties, make sure your Network profile is set to Private.

  5. Restart your WiFi router because it may have a problem transmitting the connection used by Audirvana Remote (like the Apple Remote app that controls iTunes, which can be blocked for the same reasons).

Don’t hesitate to make a feedback about it in the thread bellow :point_down:

:unamused:. J’ai toujours été dans cette configuration… la connexion n’est pas systématique sur w10

Quid de la possibilité à retour de la Remote v1 sous Mac avec Audirvana < v3.5 ?
Nous n’avons Pas de retour sur ce sujet (demandé par plusieurs utilisateurs)

HI There,

Haven’t been able to connect the A+Remote (latest Ipad) for at least 6 months, so I purchased the Android app but still won’t connect to the PC. I’ve allowed the Audirvana application in the Firewall settings. I’ve also changed the Bonjour firewall UDP to port 5353 as recommended by Audirvana.
Not sure what else I can do, any ideas would be great?


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Hello @Soundsgood,

Did you already checked your connection property ? If its set on Public you should change this setting to Private. Since you are also using an IPad, did you tried to use the iTunes Remote? (be careful since the app don’t support Catalina if you have a Mac)

Windows 10 PC has Ethernet connection set to Private.
Have not used Itunes. I use Sonore mRendu network music server
It’s interesting that when I restart the router, the Ipad Remote + Android Remote connects to Audirvana on the PC but they don’t see the mRendu and I can’t see any music tracks on the remotes.

Hi, I have the same problem with my connection using my Iphone and Audirvana 3.5.1 win 10, I have checked all configurations, the program in the computer only give the pairing code to introduce in the iphone, but it never start. What can I do if the connection works but the program it doesn’t?

I can connect my Win 10 Notebook with an old iPad and a Galaxy S5 smartphone. Unfortunately my Tablet Galaxy Tab S2 does NOT find the PC.
Any Ideas?

Hi, i had the samen probleem. It turner out that the tablet was serching only on the 5GHz band instead off the 2,4GHz. Of jou want to connect nu the 5GHz band as we’ml, you probably have to set the router actie tot this band as well!!!
Hopefully this will help to overdone this issue, succes. Mollie

Hello @tuttle and @mollie ,

Thank you for this precision mollie, in fact the 2.4 and the 5 GHz are considered on your wi-fi router of two different wi-fi network so you should check if you are using the same connection as your Win 10 Notebook @tuttle :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers. Unfortunately: no success :frowning:

The Notebook is connected via Ethernet cable. No change with or without 5 GHz.
So it still doesn’t work with the tab S2 but it works well with the Galaxy S5.

Hi Tutle,
Your S5 is probably connected via the 2.4GHz band. If so, you have to search with your S2 tablet also for the right frequency band (2.4GHz) and connect to that wifi signal. Again i had the very same probleem at first, because the S2 tablet did look at first only to the 5GHz band for sunknow reason reason.There is a very nice free app available which shows up all wired and wifi connection that are in use at your system. Even the hereby used ip adresses (and more) are shown. Hopefully this will help jou to get finally working. Succes, Mollie

I’m sorry, the app is called “Fing”.

Still can’t connect A+Remote to PC and Aurdirvana Android App using Samsung s10 . Can I get some assistance please? The Firewall is set to private and I have allowed Aurdivana.exe.

Hello @Soundsgood,

We made an update of the Android Remote yesterday, can you update your Remote and try again please?

Today i went in to the very same problem as jou have on hand. It looks like that the connection “password” (the 6 numbers given in the computerscreen during connection/pairing) will be lost (or not seen) when there are differences at the SETTINGS SCREEN on the phone(s) or tablet(s) of the installed Remote Audirvana app(s). You probably have to uninstall the app grom the Tab S2, shit down and reinstall the app again, than jou must start the connection again, type the nu PC screen new password with 6 nummers in and there should be a connection with your Audirvana player software again.
I find out this accidently by changing the switch for Sort Manual Playlist.
Hopefully this will do the job for you, succes!
Regards, mollie

We had some feedback of the same kind of issue with the Tab s2 and we are currently working on a specific fix for it :wink:

No, still can’t connect A+Remote or Android App to PC. I have done the following:

  • Audirvana and Bonjour are allowed applications in the Firewall
  • Tried changing the Bonjour Firewall UDP port to 5353
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Audirvana on PC
  • Updated Asus RT-68U router firmware
  • Tried connecting using different wifi networks from 2.4GHZ to 5GHZ

I can run Audirvana from my PC but that’s about it. The user inferface for PC is way too basic and unreliable.
Audirvana sounds great but is is frustrating to use and still needs massive general improvement to provide a satisfying experience.

The issues I can see for use from a PC (Remotes may provide a smoother experience but i wouldn’t know that):

  • Full of bugs and glitches
  • Hangs and sometimes can’t shut it down
  • Can’t scoll (on PC) to the bottom of my music list in Favorites because of a scroll glitch
  • Select a song and it plays another (not sure if this is fixed now)
  • Songs glitch around 10 seconds in
  • Can’t go back to last search after searching an artist
  • Can’t sort A-Z for Album or Artist in Favourites
  • Drop down sort feature doesn’t work for “Added Date”, “Artist”, “Album”, “A-Z”

If Audirvana can’t sort these issues out in a timely manner i’m likely to dump Audirvana

Have you tried to kill the windows firewall, to make sure it isn’t a firewall issue?
Have you tried to uninstall your virus scanner?

If that doensn’t work I wouldn’t wait for the fix and smash my pc to the next level.

Hello @Soundsgood, have you experienced some crash during the use of Audirvana? you seems to have problems with your system that may affect the use of Audirvana.