Audirvana remote disconnects from source

If you using Audirvana remote on my phone and then use another app for a bit, when I come back it it, it always needs to reconnect to the source.

Is there a way to keep is connected in the background! Samsung S21 latest Android.

I just saw your post. I am using s21 ultra and had the same complaint. I found kind of a solution the works a bit better, not ideal but it crashes much less if you keep it open in the background.
Go to app info (it pops up when you hold the shortcut longer), then go to baterie and select unrestricted (by default is on optimised). That keeps the app more stable, at least from my experience.
Hope it helps.

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Yes. That works for me. Keeping phone non sleeping and it has to be plugged in otherwise it frequently needs reconnecting.

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