Audirvana remote fails again and solution

Almost two years ago I installed Audirvana and the remote (Win 10 /Android tablet) . The remote never worked.- Though I liked the sound , some other Library glitches prevented me from buying and using this software …
I installed Music bee and its remote on the same day on the same hardware in minutes and it worked flawlessly til now …
Now after such a long time , equipped with a new Hi-End DAC I returned to have a look at Audirvana and what the heck . The android Remote gets only a 3.0 rating in the store , with so many users complaining about issues with a nonfunctional remote.
In other forums just the same …all over …fails…does`n t work , …looses connection — stopped connection…catastrophe …

So curious , I installed the Trial . enabled private Network, disabled my firewall (!) , restarted the router , enabled only 5 GHz WiFi , restarted my Thinkpad laptop , restarted the application ,loaded the PC remote , and guess what : The remote is able to see my laptop and spins and spins and spins and spins .Tried it on my fresh iphone .,entered digits … Spin and spin and spin.
Same behaviour as so many months before…
Back to musicbee PC remote …worked flawlessly in seconds.
Why .dear Damien is a freewareplayer able to do its job and a 100 € Software not ? And this for years ? I see no real progress since 2018 ,nothing ? And I see this behaviour on MacOS/ IOS AND Win10/Android !
Lenovo laptop /Win 10 / SSD/ Audio only apps. / Huawei media Pad Android 8 .

That’s disappointing. If the remote app is dysfunctional that I’ll stick with Foobar and it’s Android remote app.

SOLUTION . So finally after fiddling around for three days the solution for my remote problems is here .In my german DAC forum (RME ADI-2 pro) a user told me to uncheck "RESCAN FOLDERS AT EACH START ON " in Audirvansa settings… Bingo ! Connection in milliseconds … Even with fully activated Firewall . So now time to investigate why a bit perfect program (Audirvana) with Asio drivers and no upsampling sounds different compared to all its competitors and if there some processing is going on … :slight_smile:
_ Thinkpad SSD > USB >RME ADI -2 pro > Neumann KH - 310 studio monitors.

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