Audirvana Remote for Mac / Apple Watch / Apple TV

Just a thought regarding the Apple Ecosystem. I have a MacBook Pro M1 and a headless Mac mini as an audio server. Usually I use an iPad or an iPhone as Remote, but sometimes I use the iOS app version on my MacBook as well. It is not officially supported, but it would be great if the developers would be able to look into this. And while we are at it :wink: It already has been asked for and it would be truly convenient, an Apple Watch Remote and a version for Apple TV.

The iOS remote works fine here on my M1 MacBook Pro. Just as it does on my iPhone. Probably easier to just use Screen Sharing when on the MBP to log into your Mini. :smiley:

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Crawl, walk, run………it’s a work in progress

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Certainly not easier or more convenient to use Screen Sharing :wink: I think the new Tablet design, which is currently in Beta, will be a big improvement. I guess there is not much coding needed to make it “officially” compatible with Apple Silicon Macs and maybe even Apple TV.


It already works on Mac. I am testing the remote with both a M2 MacBook Air and an iPad. Both working fine. But I agree 100%, and I have already asked for an Apple TV Version. It would be really great, and certainly there is not much work to do. I hope that a lot of people will vote for that.

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