Audirvana Remote for PC/Mac


Since Audirvana can now be run in Linux environment it now makes perfect sense to have a remote app also for PC/Mac. I wonder if there are any possible plans to implement the remote for PC/Mac or make current Audirvana apps for PC/Mac possible to control Audirvana on Linux?
Or could it be possible to provide a sort of API/Control protocol documentation so community could write their custom control apps or even PWA application?

Thank you.


The current Audirvana Remote for iOs runs happily on an Apple silicon Mac and can control Audirvana running on Linux. A native version could be better with more UI configurability but it’s functional.

A PC version might be more of an issue.

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Yes it does, but it’s a hack, not optimized for the Mac. +1 in having a remote for the PC/Mac

Implementing a PC/Mac remote should be great. A web app should be fine either. A terminal (curses) app would be the best.