Audirvana Remote for Windows


Do is possible to have Audirvana Remote on Windows? For example, if I have a windows surface pro tablet I would control Audirvana installed on a desktop machine via the remote app.

Many thanks, bye

Nope, it’s only Android or iOS. You can use the RDP or similar app to control the main computer.

Maybe can be implemented in future?

haha check out Roon. I think the limitation to Audirvana is that because of quality control, the owner is keeping the development team low and such big developments, (anything involving networking and sync), is gonna take a long time and put a halt to other bug fixes or quicker to roll out features.

However, I think you might like Roon, seems more suited to be very usable. But it’s expensive and does not sound better than Audirvana. The SQ difference can be a lot subjectively to different people. I’ve opted to drop Roon and use Audirvana. Quite a fan of Audirvana actually.

One vote for the Windows version. I’ ve recently changed my iPad for a Surface Pro and it is not the same interacting via RDP than Audirvana+, last option is much better and fluid.

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