Audirvana Remote issues

I’ve noticed some more limitations (and frustrations) of the new iOS app.

When I use the search function and then select an artist, only the first 50 or so albums appear in the list. For instance, I have one artist where I’ve got 180 albums (these include multiple versions of the same release, singles, live shows, etc). So browsing that artist’s albums is handicapped for me as I can only locate them if I know the specific album that I’m looking for.

Alternately, if I choose the Artist tab in order to look for said artist, I have to manually scroll all the way down to ‘N’, which in my library over 100K tracks, takes quite a while.

Also, when using the search function and selecting an artist, only the first handful of characters appear so albums with long titles are clipped. In my case, I have many versions of the same album that are designated by parenthesis followed by the the album name. For instance, re-releases or remastered versions of the same album. In the prior Audirvana remote app, the album name would automatically shrink in size to make the whole title viewable. This is definitely preferable to the current iteration where when using the remote app, I have no idea which version I’m cueing up.

I only ever use Audirvana headless so remote app is my exclusive UI. I honestly don’t care how pretty the app looks… I just want it to be reliable and to have the ability to locate and play my music with relative ease. I echo others’ preferences to have the ability to continue using the previous iteration of the app.

+1 on all counts for me.