Audirvana remote looses connection to Server

I have two problems with Audirvana remote:
1.The only way to connect to Audirvana Server is the following procedure:

  • I close Adirvana. Then I start remote app and wait until it says “cannot connect”. Then I start Audirvana at the server again and the remote app connects readily without any human interaction . Starting the server first and the remote app afterwards does not work. (“Use bonjour” is flagged in the settings. )
  1. When the connction is etablished, the app runs for a while ( few minutes), then the connection is lost and can only restored by the procedure described above.
    btw: Sometimes it says “Application is not licensed”, but not in every case.

I recently installed everything, so I have the actual versions.
I run Audirvana on WIndows 10 and the remote app under Andoid 9.
Both are in the same network.
In the same environment Jriver and Jriver Remote run without problems.

Any help somewhere ? ( I know the issue is already described several times…)

Kind Regards to Audirvana Support.

Hello @Dieter,

Are you using the latest version of Audirvana 3.5? It’s 3.5.42.

Yes, I use the latest versions of both products.

Do you mean you have the error on Audirvana 3.5 for MacOS and Windows 10?

I use it on Windows 10.
Yesterday I have installed manually a new Bonjour library which I downloaded from
Now Audirvana remote connects to Audirvana 3.5 as it should. It still says “app not licensed” or looses connection sometimes , but less often and I can reestablish the connection by reloading Audirvana remote. So for the moment it’s acceptable.
Are your developpers able to reproduce this behaviour or do I have a problem with my network

The “app not licensed” error is linked to Google Play Store, can you take a look at it to see if you are properly connected to the Store?

I made the download with my google account ( logged in)
Something more I have to take care of?

If you go on the Google Play Store app, do you have your account properly connected?

Yes I have. It is not the first App which I downloaded from google play. The all run without problems ( exeption is Audirvana remote). The “app not licensed” message comes after 5 min, 10 min etc. . . why not immediatly? Sadly it is not possible to reconnect without starting Audirvana server again. This app is not running correctly! I’m rather deceived because it was the main reason for me to buy audirvana.
I may be mistaken, but I have the impression that your company is not taking this serious enough. Look at the user comments in the play store!

Sir, we are taking those connection issue seriously, the fact is it’s harder to fix it wince there is a very large market of device in Android and they are more or less recent, with different local network that act differently with the Remote. We are working on this but it takes time to solve those issue.

What is the device you are using where your Remote is installed?

Ok, I can understand. So there is hope :slight_smile: . Am using a Lenovo Tablet M10 (TB-X505F) with Android 9. I will try it now with a Samsung Galaxy A8 and let you know the result. Could it be something related to my Wlan configuration or speed? The network I use is connected via wlan bridge to the router and runs at 2,4 GHz.

That could be an issue. Depends on the config though.

I have also stopped using Audirvana until the bugs are fixed and it is usable. Connection to the server is my primary issue.

Hi Damien, wIth the Samsung Phone I had the same problems. Also when I took the repeaters out of the network.
Then I used Wireshark to monitor the traffic between the two apps. I found that Audirvana sends a mDNS Broadcast with the IP adress and the port number for remote access once during start up. When ARemote ist searching in this moment it receives the Broadcast and connects correctly. When ARemote is not running in this moment it misses the new port number und later on uses the portnumber of an earlier session, which is not valid anymore.
This can explain that my ARemote never connects to Audirvana when it is alreday playing.
Somehow the mDNS caching in my Android device is not working correctly together with ARemote.

It’s true and actually the Remote should automatically change the port to the newest one.

I read that android is not supporting the mDNS protocol natively in the operating system, so every app has to manage it on its own - seems to be a hard job…
So would it be better to use an IOS device? Unfortunately I have only an ipad 4 which does not support A Remote ( restricted to IOS 10!) so I cannot test it.

Sorry to interfere in this discussion but I notice I have problems with my Samsung S2 tablet. I wonder if the problem occurs with Samsung products in general.

Sorry to interfere as well.
I confirm I try to use Audirvana Remote on an iPhone 5s and/or iPad, both with an iOS 12. Unfortunately, the Audirvana Remote cannot connect to my Audirvana server (last version) running on a Windows 10 PC. Damien helped me to solve the initial connection. It connected once to pair the remote with the server. Then it did not work again, even with the “Use of the old Hello library to detect the remote”. I will try again when I get my new iPhone under iOS 14 for Christmas.
However and clearly, there is an urgent connection issue to fix on the Audirvana Remote.
The sooner, the better.

I do have the same problem with the Audirvana Remote running on an iPhone 7 with iOS 14.3. Audirvana is running on macOS Big Sur version 11.1.
Imho it’s annoying that we have to live with this inconvenience for such a long time.

Hi @Antoine,
When is this issue foreseen to be solved ?