Audirvana Remote: No computer was recognized?

Today I installed the v2.3 (trail) version of Audirvana Studio on my Mac. I linked both to one common Wifi network and I opened all incoming connections for Audirvana Studio in my firewall. I activated the Remote connection preference in Audirvana Studio and I did reset my internet acces router and my AirPort Extreme (in this order!). As far as I know this should have been successful as it does work flawlessly in A3.5.

Still I am not able to connect the Audirvana Remote (v. 4.2.0) to Audirvana Studio for a convenient way of selecting my music files. If I open Audirvana 3.5 it works like a treat. What magical tricks am I missing?

I have tried to link to all available WiFi networks for both Mac and iPad. No connection made whatsoever. Any suggestions?

I started v. 3.5 and all was fine with all controls available remotely. Pairing code in Audirvana Studio is not working!?!

Tried again. After quitting v, 3.5 connection the Remote looses its Mothership. I can not believe that Audirvana Remote (v. 4.2(141)) is not functioning as it should!
Any further suggestions?

Erwin, are you using android or iOS? Have you used this control in Studio?

Edit: I realize you are iOS, have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling?

I have the Audirvana Remote ‘handshake’ enabled in the preferences of Studio. I also restarted Studio and checked for a uniform Wifi-network several times now.
I just uninstalled and reinstalled the iOs version of Audirvana Remote (v. 4.2.0 (141)). Still no connection with Audirvana Studio host.

You probably did disconnect all the old instances of remotes? Man you have a tough one there

Yes, I did. Strangely enough, when I start Audirvana 3.5 with the same connection protocol I can operate my music collection instantly. It is proper brain crusher.
Audirvana Remote is an elegant and very usable feature providing it can connect!

Firewall exception for studio?
Restart network ?

Both checked on Macs and iPad. Restarted Internet router and Wifi router. In a earlier trail of OriginI was asked for an entry code to distinguish the acces to v. 3.5 and Origin. I expected a similar workflow. I am completely puzzled now!!!

Let’s get you both some help from Antoine.

Paging @Antoine :upside_down_face:

@Antoine , did you get a chance to get a look at this?

Thank you for your excellent support, in the mean time. I am listening now through Audirvana v. 3.5, and I am still loving it. Have a nice day everyone.

Have you received any help getting your remote working?

Has @Antoine contacted you yet?

Hi @E.Abrahamse and @ErwinAbrahamse,

Have you tried all of the steps of this procedure?

Make sure that the battery saver option is disabled for the app.

Make sure that your Mac or PC and iPad/iPhone or Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi (local network)
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network can cause some trouble on some router, should try to deactivate one or another to see if you still have your issue:

Check the firewall settings: In System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options > Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections check that this setting is selected and “Block all incoming connections” is not selected.

If you are using a VPN, make sure it is up to date and try to disable it.

Restart your WiFi router because it may have a problem transmitting the connection used by Audirvana Remote (Like the Apple Remote app that controls iTunes, which can be blocked for the same reasons)

Try to disable IPV6 in the network adapter of your device

Take a look at the final bit of that other thread linked above on 2.4 vs 5 Ghz. I was switching things off & on (i.e. restarting router, iOS devices) all the time but have had a stable connection between Origin & Remote for a few weeks now after switching off WMM on the router. (I also now only have 5 Ghz active and haven’t tested properly with both that & 2.4 running.)

Hi Antoine, I followed your instructions once again. I also restarted my router for about the 11th time. Miraculously, I regained access to Audirvana Studio from the Audirvana Remote app on my iPad and my MacBook Air. I can switch Studio and v. 3.5 for testing purposes now. A big thank you for all that have helped solving my conundrum on this issue.

Sometimes, the miracle of network restart can happen :innocent: