Audirvāna Remote not working under Studio

The Audirvana Remote no longer works for me in Audirvana Studio. It never recognises my Imac. This is disappointing, I hope the app is fixed promptly?



You’re about 3 weeks too late to the party with your post mate. There has been radio silence from @Antoine regarding this issue and many frustrated posts scattered throughout the forum. It’s coming apparently, but so too is Christmas…


I’ll be patient, not a big deal for me but I generally expected the app to be released at the same time as Studio?

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With or without remote, the subscription fee is oddly the same.
Ask for a discount on the subscription until the remote is released. :wink:

Without the app I suspect many users are stranded, eg those with remote or headless servers, pretty poor show.

Clearly another indication that AS is meant for users who pore over their PC

I prefer my chair !

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