Audirvana Remote on Mac Pro

Running Audirvana Studio on a Mac Mini. I connect through Audirvana with a couple different iPhone’s and IPads. I was hoping to also run Audirvana Remote on a Mac Pro laptop, allowing me to access the Mac Mini from my laptop and control my music. Any way to do this?


Sadly that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Jriver Media Center has DLNA build in which allows you to do just that. But Audirvana does not.

The Audirvana remote only runs on iOS and Android.

But maybe you can use a remote desktop program or screen sharing on your laptop to control your mini instead of using Audirvana remote?

The new MacBook Pro M1pro or max runs iOS apps, I have only run my security camera app so far but it’s just like the iPhone or iPad functionality

Update: Installed iOS remote app on MacBook Pro M1pro, Working brilliantly, could help users that change location’s with less logout and login hassle perhaps


Simply run Mac Screen Sharing and share your Mac Mini on your Mac Pro laptop - you can then go full screen on the laptop and run Audirvana from there - I do this with my Mac Mini main system from my office iMac (for metadata editing) and from a MacBook Pro to have more control than the iphone remote in the listening room.


Yes, Thanks

Fair though thats a bit different an objective.

The other option would be to use a simulator like Ipadian. Didn’t try it but it might work

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