Audirvana Remote quits after manual editing a playlist

Every time I try to move a song up or down in a playlist, after clicking on the done button when the current song Irish, the remote app quit unexpectedly. I use the current version of both programs, running Audirvana on a dedicated pc and remote app on my iPad.

Hello @Pinkipling,

Can you make a screenshot of the Remote where you try to move the song up or down in a playlist?

Are you able to reproduce your issue every time you are doing this?

Every single time I move or delete a song from the playlist and click on the DONE button, every successive action result in an unexpected quitting of the app. Few times it only freeze, but most often quit.

What is the iOS version you are using on your iPad and the model you have?

iPad pro 12,9’’ 2nd gen with iOS 14.0.1

If can help, I tried to do the same operation with my copy of Audirvana on the MacBook Pro and everything works fine. It seems that the problem is only with remote from an Apple device (iPad pro) using the Windows 10 installation on PC. I will try to do a video capture this evening.

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