Audirvana Remote Read CD Books

Audirvana Remote is working excellent. Thanks. A feature that I would appreciate: Is it possible to see and open the pdf files of cd-books with the music files?


Hi, I was also looking for the possibilty of reading my pdfs associated with the music. After some searching I found that if you display the tracks list in the new Audirvana Remote you can sweep left and get a second page (notice the small dots above the tracks) which after a while will display the pdf stored next to the music files. However, this is not perfect yet and I would suggest the following improvements to damien et al.

  1. Add a book icon in the UI which will take you to the pdf directly.
  2. Please display some activity indicator while loading the pdf, since it may take some time.
  3. I found that if you zoom the pdf to a certain level it will disappear and it seems that the only way to get it back is to quit Audirvana remote and pick it up again.

Otherwise I am deeply impressed by Audirvana on macOS and iOS. Keep up the good work!
Best regards

Your suggestion of a sweep to left etc. works for me only with the section linked to Qobuz in Audirvana.
Your suggestion to the Audirvana Team is excellent.

Strange that it does not work the same for you. Are you able to see the pdfs in Audirvana on the computer playing your music? If you click the album in Audirvana, on my computer, and display the tracks there is a nice book symbol. Maybe it is a different set-up? My Audirvana 3.5 plays on a Mac with El Capitan and the music files are located on a Mac server with Sierra connected via AFP. The pdfs are stored in the same folders as the music files. I hope the Audirvana team will improve this situation, because, at least for me, an important part of enjoying high quality music is to know the story behind the recordings. Best regards.

Yes, on my mac mini I see the cd books and the symbol of the book, if there is a pdf file in the same map as the music tracks.
My problem is the audirvana app on my ipad. There I see not such a symbol of the cd-book.
The mac mini has, as you know, not a screen, but I have connected the Mac mini with my TV monitor. Because I don’t want every time I listen to music start the TV, I am using my ipad to navigate in Audirvana and therefore I want the pdf’s visible there.
Best regards, syrinx

Found what I have sought, looking for visible cd book in the Audirvana app on the iPad.
I have to start first on the mac (mini) a music album that is accompanied by a cd book. After that, start on the iPad the Audirvana app and go for the album that plays. Then, as you tell me, view the page with the tracks and by touching the second little point on top the cd book appears. Thank you so much for your help!
Best regards, syrinx