Audirvana remote Tidal My music

Audirvana remote do not see Tidal My music.
Does anyone have any suggestion?

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Bump, having the same issue.

Tap the Favourites Icon on the bottom of app, you will find your Tidal Tracks, Albums, Artists. I see that it is not in the Tidal area of the Home icon.

Not working fore me, tidal or my music is empty

Got it working
Latest software on both sides and restart

Sorry to say
Not working correct, showing only 1/3 of all artist and repeating some artists and not all are selecteble
Please make this work
Now I have to look at tidal app and find it in Audirvana remote app

I have the same issue, even removed software and app and reinstalled but still same… A fix would be nice!

Cheers Ingmar

Hey, have you tried to play local Tidal music on Audirvana? If not, then you could use the tool AudFree Windows Tidal Audio Converter to convert Tidal music as local files, then you can use them on your device without any restriction.

Maybe Tidal doesn’t offer its service to Audirvana. If you want to continue to play Tidal on Audirvana, you need to convert Tidal to Audirvana-compatible formats. To get Tidal on Audirvana, you could use TunesKit Audio Capture to complete the conversion.

Same here, I think it was working before, like yesterday or the day before.

EDIT: Nevermind, it had disconnected from Tidal inside the Mac app. It’s back.