Audirvana remote waking up display on MacBook Pro

Is there a way to keep the Audirvana remote from waking up a sleeping MacBook Pro?

in the past the iOS version doesn’t wake up the screen ^^

with the new version, and several messages about that, it still wakin it up …

Please do something Audirvana team :wink:

I should clarify that I’m using the remote on a Android phone and Android Tablet.

updated both iPhone & iPad with the latest Remote —> issue still here …

no will to fix this ?

Don’t know about you, but if I put my macbook pro to sleep, Audirvana stops playing, as I would expect it to… are you talkingf about sleep, or screensaver?

Yes, let me rephrase. While using Audirvana, the screen saver will engage and then go dark after 10 minutes. When I connect with the Android remote, the screen comes back on.

Actually, it looks like it might have been fixed with the latest update.

i turn off the screen for obvious reasons i guess, and when remote connects it wakes the screen up

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Obviously this topic doesn’t get interest neither by Audirvana Team or the community …

I just tried on my laptop… turned screensaver on, opened remote ( iOS ) and started playing track. Screensaver stayed on. Maybe it’s an Android thing?

Can you please try to turn the screen off please ?

By my side i’ll try with the screesaver :wink:

The only way I can turn my screen off, is by enabling the screensaver. The only other way is to put computer to sleep, and then you can’t use any applications!

I experience the same behaviour with my iPhone (iOS 16.3.1 - latest) and MacBook Air (Ventura 13.2.1 - latest) on Audirvana Origin (2.2.7 - latest).
If I put my screen to sleep (for example using macos’ hot corners — that’s my daily routine), when I launch the iOS Audirvana remote app, as soon as the remote app syncs with the macos app, the screen turns on.
It’s a problem because of course, if I use a hot corner for this action, it means I need a physical access to the computer to trigger it back, which is obviously not what I want when I’m using Audirvana remote (and since screens produces much light, it kills the mood of some listenings). I found a workaround using VNC (to remotely control my computer’s mouse through my smartphone) but it’s less than ideal.
Other actions (adding tracks to the queue, manually changing track or volume, releasing audio device) don’t turn on the display again.
It’s the initial “handshake” between the remote app and the desktop app which wakes the screen.

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Doesn’t happen here.
I use hot corner to sleep screen, open audirvana remote on my iphone, select album, ress play… screen still sleeping.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, you didn’t have an Audirvana remote session already running ? Because if I connect the remote app to Audirvana, then put my screen to sleep, do other stuff on my phone and launch the remote app again, the link being still active, it doesn’t disturb the sleep mode. But for example if I force quit the remote on iOS (swipe up the app card) and launch it again, the remote app needs to resync and it wakes up the screen.
I don’t know if it’s the same for Lolodesiles, but in my case, it’s only that initial sync that disturbs sleep mode, other actions work “silently” as expected.

To help troubleshooting, for devs and other users, I’m using a M2 MBA.

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Just followed what you did, used remote, put screen to sleep, closed remote, used other apps on phone, re-opened remote, screen still sleeping.

It is exactly the same for me !

Most frustrating is that one of the 6th or 7th previous versions doesn’t make it …

i have a MBA 2020 and an iPad 6th as remote.

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I can confirm this issue is also present on Mac Mini M2 Pro. As soon as the remote app (iOS) connects to the Mac, it wakes up my external display at full brightness (if I move the mouse to wake up the display, it keeps the brightness setting it had before going to sleep). And if I set the monitor to sleep again, just reopening the remote app (which was still running in the background) wakes up the Mac Mini screen. There’s a real problem here.

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Hi @everyone

It happens to me. I have my main display on a 1 minute turn off so I’m not too worried.


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I’m currently using the iOS Remote 4.3.0 beta with Audirvana Origin 2.5.5, and I can confirm it still wakes up my Mac Mini display (macOS 14.1.1 Sonoma).

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