Audirvana restart needed to reach network audio devices

Dear all,

I saw at least 3 times in a week the following behaviour:

  • Usually Audirvana is configured to use an UPnP device on my local network.
  • After several hours of rest, I used the remote to start playing an album.
  • No sound from my system!
  • I noticed that the output device has been reconfigured to the internal loudspeaker.
  • I fully stopped the playing of the track (Clicking on STOP).
  • I started to select the network device as presented in the list: impossible!
  • “Systopt” appears in red, in the right down corner.
  • Tried to select the device using the audirvana app but to no avail.
  • Need to restart Audirvana.

If somebody has an idea, that will be much appreciated.

Best regards

Same story today. Restarting the network switch does not help.
Devices initially appeared in the list under “ethernet”, then after switch to “Wifi” and back to “Ethernet”, all devices are gone…
Restarting Audirvana is the solution. Issue with Catalina or problems with the MAc Mini going into sleep mode?

Hey, Eric. Do you use a Mac? You didnt notice it. You described something, that seems to be normal. If I want change the Macbook-Output from USB to Network-Player, I have to restart the Mac. I suppose, its not an Audirvana-Problem, indeed one by MacOS. I use the older MacOS Mojave.

Hey Dirk. Yes, I’m using a MacMini with Catalina.
I’m a bit surprised with what you say. I did not know that a reboot was needed to switch from USB to a network device.
On my side, I simply need to restart Audirvana to perform a switch. I have to say “I now need to restart” as it was not the case before. And I’m not using USB devices.

Now, I always need to restart Audirvana to switch to a network device. All network devices appear to be available but cannot be selected, only the Mac Mini loudspeakers are usable.

I’m going to try an upgrade to Catalina 10.15.6 to see if this can solve the issue.


Just upgraded to Catalina 10.15.6 but to no avail. Latest Audirvana version installed and no change.
Problem is still there:

  • Network devices are listed.
  • None of them can be selected.
  • Switched to Wifi and back to Ethernet: network devices disappeared.
    Only fix I know consists in restarting Audirvana.

Hello @patifr,

Can you check the firewall settings: In System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options > Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections check that this setting is selected and “Block all incoming connections” is not selected.

Thanks Damien,
But my firewall is not activated on this machine. Maybe an issue with a switch? I already experienced a problem with a switch where my MacBook pro was not able to reach the network. I suspected a failure of my network card on the MAcbook, but it was a problem coming from the power supply of the switch.
I precise that the failed switch I’m talking about here is not the one I’m using, which seems to work fine as other applications do not have a problem to reach the network devices.
I ordered a new switch and I will see if that fixes the problem.
Apparently, there is also an update of Catalina 10.15.6 which I’m requested to install on my Mac Mini.
I’ll keep you informed.
Thanks anyway.

Dear all,
I captured a video when the problem occurs (Apparently, changing the switch and upgrade OSX did nit help).
But, unfortunately, it cannot be uploaded to the forum.
If somebody knows how to do…


Hello @patifr, i think the easiest way to share it would be to send it to