Audirvana running as Administrator

I’m trying to use it with a laptop at my job where my windows domain account is also local administrator.
How can I restart Audirvana in normal mode? (left mouse click does not work).
I’m not able to downgrade it. There is a workaround? I can’t use my Tidal subscription! Thank you

Hello @bfg,

Do you have access to the User Access control setting of your computer? Does it is set as recommended?

Hi, I run into the same problem with Qobuz. I get the message 'you run Audirvana as administrator ’ a long time now but never bothered. Now that I’m trying to run Qobuz I notice it is indeed a problem. What can I do ? Your suggestion about the ‘user access control’ is not clear to me. Thanks. Luc

Hi @Antoine Using “uac” as you suggested is the solution, thank you. Unfortunately this notebook is remotely managed by technical support at my job and more or less every time I reboot it changes settings: I found the slider down to “never notify” (really I don’t know why). So I have to open uac another time and change settings to default.

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You can use this tutorial to turn on UAC: