Audirvāna server down?


Just saw that there is an 1.6 update available for Studio.
Both my Mac and Windows mention that there is an update. But both fail to download it.

On Windows I’m getting the message that

"Can’t open the app package.

An error occurred while accessing the file from the web. Please try downloading and opening the file locally."

I’m getting this message both from trying to update from AS itself, and when trying to download the trial version for AS. And I’m getting a similar message on my Mac.

Did the AS server went down?

After a few more tries. Now it suddenly works again.

I updated to 1.6 a couple of hours ago and had no issues. Appears to be working well.

I had the same problem with this update as well as the last, never did get the last update to work by selecting update in the player. This time instead of trying over and over I went to my account at Audirvana and selected download. This method worked both times. Just something to try if you have the same problem with future updates.