Audirvana shutdown problem

I have experienced a persistent problem when I close Audirvana in Windows 10. More than half the time, Audirvana remains resident in memory, preventing me from re-opening Audirvana until I close the background Audirvana using Windows Task Manager. I was hoping this would be resolved when Audirvana 3.5.0 made its appearance. Unfortunately, the problem persists. I know how to work around it but it is somewhat annoying to have to go to Task Manager to complete closing Audirvana. Are others experiencing this problem or can I assume that it is confined to my specific computer?

Experiencing this problem as well on Windows.

Hello @usrockband and @anglehl, Before closing Audirvana, how were you connected to your DAC? Using USB or WI-FI connectivity?

I was connected with standard USB. Sometimes it closes normally, many times it stays open in the background and requires closing via task manager.

@usrockband, next time you have this behavior, in the Task manager, can you please click on create a dump file and send us at This will help us debug the issue you have.