Audirvana size issue / Always on Top

Maybe this has been mentioned before, but if you view the album art in full screen view (“Disable Expert Mode” slider) and go then back to the miniview (which I use a lot, it will be stretched with no way to resize it smaller). I wish for it to go back to the default size rather than the stretched miniview which is only fixed by a restart of Audirvana. It’s purely a UI thing as the application works fine, but it’s quite annoying and ugly looking if I wanna see the album art quickly then go back to the miniview. Here are some screenshots of it:



Besides that, I wanted to ask if there is a way to keep the miniview player always on top like some applications have? It makes it easier to change to the next or previous song in a playlist/album while working or doing other activities as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @MotherK,

Do you have this behavior on a Mac or Windows computer?

Hello Antoine, it’s on a Windows 10 computer that this occurs.