Audirvana sounds better than Roon


Im not a bot, even I ask and get new trial for Audirvana yesterday. But I have to say now, Audirvana sounds better. :smiley:

Audirvana uses more cpu but its not the thing with audiophiles and I have power :smiley:

So, can anyone argue with me with this topic?

And thanks Damien.


Depends what you compare. You should test by streaming to an external device that supports both Roon and UPnP.

As a prior Roon user and now Audirvana, I can say that Roon’s interface is superior, but Audirvana sounds better when connected directly to a DAC via USB. Roon’s architecture is designed as client/server vs Audirvana. Given this, testing multiple end points (roonpieXL, Bryston BDP-3, NUC PC (no moving parts), etc.) vs Audirvana running on a fanless PC (like a NUC) with a audiophile USB card, separate LPS powering the USB card, Audirvana sounds better to me. All other components remained the same. I even tried other software JCAT FEMTO, Amarra, Volumio, Daphile, but none other sounded as good or had a user interface close to Roon or Audirvana that I liked. Hope this helps.

Please, can you share which audiophile USB card you used?

Thank you


Hi Matt,
JCAT FEMTO USB with Allo Shanti LPS powering the card separately. There are other LPS power supply but I chose this one given its an LPS and relatively less expensive than others.

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Hi Ian,
yes, the Shanti is very good and not expensive and I would not hesitate to power even the new, very expensive JCAT USB CARD XE with it.
It is also my impression that Audirvana sounds best and I like the UI with Qobuz.


i’m using Tidal instead of Qobuz. Would you know if there is any difference in UI? I recently purchased an inexpensive DAC (Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital) for my computer, but used it in line with my system to hear how it sounded and was very impressed. I also used MQA on the DAC with Audirvana and thought it was different, but not necessarily better. Maybe more listening time is required.

I use a MacBook Pro/A3.5.33/Qobuz with upsampling deactivated into a Khadas Tone Board DAC and like it.
Most impressions from Audiophile Style and Lejonklou forum report that Qobuz sounds superior to Tidal. I dislike the policy of MQA so Tidal is no option for me.


do you have the Khadas in a case? I’ve heard good things about this DAC and given its only $99 quite impressive sound.

Yes from Audiophonics: tone &fast_search=fs
Very good connectors for a nice travel system


Just downloaded Audirvana and Roon. I agree Audirvana sounds much better. And Roon is 10x better as far as interface/GUI goes. Plus, Roon can cast to Google devices which is also nice. I’m going back and forth between them. I really wish Audirvana would improve the interface and ease of use!

Roon is nice but more expensive per month. Sound quality is great Gui good be better. But i am using it because of the sound not because there is a nice gui.
So far so good i am gonna stick with this. If you sent Damien a message he is always helping you out. So kudos for him

Just want to add. I came from Roon & La Rosita System (Engine & DAC). That was a good sound.
Then I found a better DAC from Artistic Fidelity in combination with a windows based audiophile computer as source. Here I compared Roon, River, and Audirvana. And Audirvana topped all of them clearly. Till a miracle for me why this is the case. But the music has so much more flow, fundament and holographic stiffness. It is pure joy. I never went back to test anything else - I want to spend that time better for listening. BUT: Yes I miss the good database features from Roon a bit. But I also thought that the price for Roon is just over the top. Thats not worth it…

I just came over from Roon and I also think it sounds better. Cheers


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