Audirvana Start with Fidelizer on Win 11 Notebook - how to?

Hi Folks,
updated my notebook from win10 to win11. Running a licenced version of Fidelizer.
In the Fidelizer Settings it is possible to select the *.exe of Audirvana, to start automatically after configuration of Fidelizer. So far it is in win10.

In win11 I cant find the *.exe of Audirvana an also no other file to bound in Audirvana starting with Fidelizer. Whats going on in win11? Are there no executable files anymore?

Thanks for Help and Merry Christmas at you all…

Steff from Germany

It is a Microsoft store app and Microsoft store apps have no *.exe extension. I am not near a computer right now, but you should Google something like ‘Starting Microsoft store apps from a command prompt’ or something like that.
Happy Christmas.

I was wrong. It seems the Audirvana app has an *.exe extension after all. So ignore this post.

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In fact it is an .exe file but is harder to find. My path is:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Audirvana.Audirvana-4118-9684-d80dbb7827cd_2.2.2.0_x64__q3nymrkmej12j\Audirvana\Audirvana.exe

Your path should be similar. The folder is hidden - show hidden & system files is necesary. Also I had to ran “Take Ownership” command to gain access.

A little offtopic: last year when I tested Fidelizer {free version} was a bad experience - AS became unstable. I will give it a try again to see what’s happen now.



Thank`s for your explanation. I found the “audirvana.exe” in the directory you showed.
Just copied the path in fidelizer and it works the same as in Win10. Thank you for your help!

I can say that Fidelizer with Audirvana runs stable on my PC with Win10 and also does on my Notebook with Win11.

Have a nice Christmas Day and all good wishes for the new year!


Steff from Germany


When I went from Windows 10 to 11 the Audirvana.exe became a hidden file again and when there was a major update for 11 as well. Most other Windows updates had no effect on this.
Glad it is working for you now.
I run Fidelizer Pro 8.9 to open both Audirvana Studio and Jriver MC30 and both run great and are stable on my Desktop PC.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My new experience (today):

tested purist mode - little unstable
tested audiophile mode - yes!

maybe will buy a license…

I agree. When an update for Audirvana or Windows comes, the path to Audirvana.exe has to be re-entered in Fidelizer. The input window is then empty again.
I have copied the path for this - who is lazy must not be stupid.
On my desktop PC I also start two players. Audirvana and Foobar. That also runs everything fine.

Nice! You fixed my problem…

…and I have hooked you -:slight_smile:


I run audiophile mode on Fidelizer as well with everything working well in this configuration.
I found purist mode too aggressive for my everyday needs as it disabled my printer and Windows updates and required re configuring these after exiting Fidelizer.
Maybe purist mode would be good if not using the PC it’s running on for anything else.

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I run purist mode on the notebook because there is only Win11 and nothing else installed.
When I would have to compare both, the audiophile mode on my desktop PC and the purist mode on the notebook, I would say that the purist mode is a little bit clearer in the positions building the stage an the sound is more - I would say crisp and more dynamic? But at all I can say, when you not know it, you will miss nothing. The difference is minimal. May be more can be heard with high end components…
I use a SMSL SU9 DAC and Hifiman Edition XS on my ears, or the same DAC as preamp to active speakers DALI Zensor 5 AX.


I found the purist mode a little better as well but it was close enough where the audiophile mode is good enough with my setup as it enables me to do other operations on my PC without issues.

Nice system you have Steff
Thanks for sharing your findings and happy listening!

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