Audirvāna startup Mac mini


I installed Audirvāna studio on my Mac Mini m1 with 16gb. My Mac mini is connected with an usb cable to my nuprime dac. I have no screen attached to the Mac mini.
My Mac mini powers down automatically in the night with a setting via pmset. In the morning I startup the Mac mini. Audirvāna is stopped at the first screen. When I connect via VNC( Remote Desktop) with the Mac mini, Audirvāna starts with the other screen.

What is the solution for this without using VNC for audirvana starts completely?


You will probably need to set-up in Preferences → ‘Users and Groups’ → ‘Login Items’ to automatically launch Audirvana Studio at start-up… So, this would require the Mac to be shut-down at night, not put to sleep…

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Automatic startup of Audirvāna is already in place. It doesn’t complete, With VNC I have to connect to the Mac Mini, then Audirvāna completes the startup.

What screen you talk about??
take a picture to show us

The startup screen of Audirvāna.
I changed the rule within OSX that the same user login automatically after a restart.
Now it is working.
I think the Mac mini was waiting for a login before Audirvāna startup completely.