Audirvana stood today?


I saved the free trial period because I knew at the time that the studio was still in development and that there were bugs and such to be fixed.

Now, since the release, a lot has happened.
How does it look today?
Is the change from 3.5 to Studio worth it, or should I wait?

There have been some glitches over the past few months but none of those glitches stopped me from enjoying my music. I’m still happy I subscribed to Studio.

You can subscribe to Studio and keep and use 3.5, so sign up for Studio and see if you like it. You can always cancel after your first month if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Personally, I haven’t used 3.5 in a long time. Been using Studio since May last year. Had a few issues along the way, but most of them have been fixed.

I’ve happily subscribed twice.

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Yes, I guess I will have to try it myself.
Thanks for the answers.
Is it still the case that I have to uninstall 3.5 before installing Studio?

If I don’t like Studio, can I cancel the subscription and install 3.5 again after uninstalling Studio?

One more question, will the internal content of Tidal like Daily discovery, Tidal new music ect… be displayed in Studio?

I didn’t uninstall 3.5 - just leave it where it is. (At least on Mac… don’t know about Windows.)

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You can install Studio next to 3.5. That goes for both Mac and Windows.
Only difference is that with the Mac you can run both at the same time, with Windows you can’t.

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As others have mentioned, I’d suggest a one month subscription to ensure it works with your equipment.
When it works, it really does sound rather good.


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