Audirvana - streaming to iPhone - is there any workaround?


I was using Roon to stream music from Roon core to my iPhone and listen to it on iPhone with connected DAC. Roon uses its own RAAT protocol and it works amazing. Audirvana can only stream music to DLNA/UPNP servers… I found an app ArkMC that works as upnp server on IOS and allows streaming music to iPhone from Audirvana, but it didn’t work good enough… Do you have any experience with this? I was thinking about streaming it to RPI and connecting to RPI from iPhone, but I don’t have any experience with it, so maybe you guys could give a hint?

You’re better off just finding a player that can play from a remote share.

The thing is that I wanted to use Audirvana to upsample (DSP) audio from Tidal and stream it to iPhone where I can listen to it with a DAC attached… It works good in Roon, but I don’t want to pay (in my opinion) high monthly fee.

So I though about something like this: Audirvana on Mac -> Raspberry PI UPNP server/proxy <- iPhone with some uPNP client.