Audirvana streaming to LAN connected NP (Yamaha NP-S303)

Hi there,
just entered Audirvana’s world and I have to say this is great piece of app. Nonetheless, I’ve been only noticing some glitches when it comes to streaming towards an external player connected over same Eth LAN, a Yamaha NP-S303 in my setup (using desktop app now, not tried with Audirvana Remote yet). Sending Tidal MQA to the above, it sounds great with guaranteed 96KHz sampling rate (NP-S303 is not MQA capable), but in at least two occasions since yesterday, streaming is interrupted, Audirvana stops responding to commands, have to wait at least 1/2 minutes prior to getting back in control and restarting the streaming … in your opinion, which could be the defective element in the chain? Tidal MQA streaming/Audirvana/Yamaha NP/LAN connectivity/something else I’m overlooking at the moment? Thanks in advance for your valuable advice!

Could be a network issue, Audirvana or Yamaha or just a quirk in the UPnP implementation in any if the 2.

Have you tried with plain 16/44.1 files? Possibly from the local library.

I have connected a Mini-mac using the desktop application and using the software for an iPhone as a control, to a Marantz 8012 via UPnP network. If I increase the oversampling a lot, I have some random cuts, which tend to decrease or disappear if I lower their level. If you listen in 16 / 44.1 it hardly happens, but I have noticed a clear improvement in the quality, level of detail and separation of sounds and instruments if I take it to 24/192. This leads me to some cuts that I have not been able to attribute to anything other than the wireless connection. in a short time I will expand the Internet bandwidth and see if it brings an improvement or not. greetings from Argentina. (Marantz SR-8012, Oppo Dv 103, Pro-Ject Debut with Ortofon mc10 and Focal 926, Central 900 and rear 906 all with Kimber Cable and Samsung Q900R TV)