Audirvāna Studio 1.5.6 Froze

I installed and deleted AudirvanaStudio_1.5.6 at least 3 times. Each time the program did Nothing. I could not click Anywhere and I could not end the program with a “CMD Q”. It required a Force Quit.

If I back rev’d to AudirvanaStudio_1.4.5 I was styl’n. The application found my music on my NAS and played it and, in addition, the Studio Remote app on my iPhone 12 ProMax worked.

I installed Audirvana Studio on a MacBook Air M1. with Big Sur.

Since I was going to stick with this gorgeous software I purchased it’s use for a year.

Ï’ve had this happen as well, but with the Windows version of Audirvana Studio.
Culprit here was the database Audirvana builds by analyzing the music that became corrupted.
Which happened a lot. My 2017 MacBook Air imported and analyzed everything perfectly. And that was back with version 1.3, but my Windows laptop did not.

I’ve solved it here with the Windows version by manually adding parts of my library. And after each succes analyzing the chunk, I would then create a backup of the sqlite library file. If analyzing would make the program freeze, I would just restore the backup file and the program would run fine again afterwards. AS on both Windows and Mac have been running fine here ever since the analyzing part was finally completed.

There is a 1.4.5 patchnote where to find the database in Windows, but sadly it doesn’t show the location of where it is stored on the Mac.

I sadly can’t aid you any further. The only suggestion I can make is to write a message to directly.

Good luck :smiley:

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