Audirvana Studio 1.8.0 appears in Off-line mode

After updating to Audirvana Studio 1.8, I am greeted with the statement that AS is in off-line mode!

Network connection, both Ethernet and WiFi work completely normal! Also, Audirvana Remote is unable to connect to my computer, neither from iPhone nor iPad.

Any suggestions, or is it just a bad update?

Thanks for input!

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just do a restart of app and log in if needed, your streaming also perhaps double check

Ah, you mean I need to re-install AS?

No just exit app, restart your computer open the app
. I think you will be good to go

No, I tried that already. Didn’t work. But thanks for your input!

When you goto into preferences and look at “my account” what do you see?

No idea why, all of a sudden AS works perfectly fine! All the better, but I have no clue why.

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Just your brilliant mad skills…don’t :wink: be modest now

Thanks for the compliment! But knowing my skills, makes me wonder all the more why AS is all of a sudden back in working order.

I am relieved! So far, AS ran perfectly stably. It is my fallback system when I get annoyed by Roon’s thinnish

sorry, sent away too early.

Whenever I go back to AS after having listened to Roon for a while, I am totally taken by AS‘s quiet and beautiful sound. Just the contrary of the thinnish and boring sound of Roon.

my Studio is on my login app in my MacMini…
so, sometimes it do that to me also…
i just exit with the open window… now it doesn’t crash anymore :slight_smile:
then just reopen Studio… all good

i think that maybe it loads or open faster then my internet connection is made…
so it says it is offline!?! i just quit Studio and reopen and all good…

macOS Monterey here.

Good idea!

Monterey here, too!