Audirvana Studio 2.3 suddenly crashes on start up

Yesterday I updated my Audirvana Studio to Version 2.3 and eyerything worked fine as before. Today the app crashed every time I fired it up. I have nothing changed in my system, except cancelling my Audirvana Studio subscription (which still runs for some weeks). Restart of my iMac did not help. So I decided to do a reinstall Audirvana Studio and everything runs fine again.

But I have no idea what has happened. Did start of Audirvana 3.5.5 disturb the Studio app? I do not know.

Audirvana Studio 2.3
Audirvana 3.5.5
macOS 13.3.1

Hi @Orgelfreund,

Can you go in the Console app of MacOS and send us the latest crash report generated at

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