Audirvana Studio Access vs Classic

I saw that, the Audirvana Studio Access got a description of ‘Exclusive streaming service advantages’, which doesn’t apply on the Studio Classic, so what does that mean ? And If I am using the classic one, can it do the soft decode for Tidal MQA ?

hello i have the same question. Have you a response?

there is no Studio Access or Classic… the streaming thing is on Studio version
and is there when you subscribe…

It no not available in Audirvana 3.5, and this software is not sold now anyway…

ok if i go on classic is 7 euro i not have the possbiliti tu use tidal con audirvana

oh sorry didn’t know there was two prices… i’m still on a free for being beta tester…

what is the difference between the 2 versions?

From what I can see on the web site, the difference is the monthly subscription vs. annual subscription. With the Studio Access (annual), you get coupons / codes for extended trials (3 months I believe) of certain streaming music services. You also save on the Audirvana subscription using this option, so it’s a more affordable option.

I did the monthly for a few months first to make sure I liked the software, then I switched to the annual.

As @glen said you might get a preferences panel more with the higher subscription…
never used mine :slight_smile: