Audirvana Studio affects Time Machine settings on iMac

My Time Machine Backup is set to manually (beeing startet by the app TimeMachine Editor). When I disable Time Machine in Audirvana Studio it is always turned to automatic hourly when I quit Audirvana. So I decided not to disable Time Machine in Audirvana Studio any longer. But I think this is a behviour which should be fixed by Damien.

Audirvana Studio 2.3
macOS 13.3.1

Hi @Orgelfreund,

Indeed I have been able to reproduce it. I will check what we can do about it with him.

That would be great, @Antoine.

In the meantime, you can disable Time Machine option in Sysoptimizer settings in Audirvāna as it is basically made to avoid aromatic backup of TimeMachine :sweat_smile:

There may be something that changed in Ventura and we need to take a look at it.

That’s what I did :grinning:, @Antoine.

Would love an aromatic backup!

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