Audirvāna Studio and Auralic Vega G1

Is Audirvana Studio still incompatible with the Auralic Vega G1. I just installed Audirvana Studio and it doesn’t recognize the G1. Is there a work around?

With my Auralic Vega g2 there is no problem, so I hope the same for you. Is your Mac Mini able to see the G1?

Dear Teus,
Thanks for your response. I use a Windows 10 machine and it is connected to the Auralic G1 via ethernet. I suspect your G2 is connected via USB. The issue seems to be that the streaming protocol used by Auralic is not supported by Audirvana. I hoped that the issue would have been resolved in Audirvana Studio.

Yes I use usb for my connection between the Mac mini and Vega g2. Until now direct streaming is not possible. Btw streaming with the Lightning DS app from Auralic works fine, but then you can’t play local stored music.

Yes, streaming via the Auralic app works well and I also use it with an NAS. The sound is better than Roon. I was interested in trying Audirvana in the hope of improving SQ.