Audirvana Studio and What it Means for Audirvana 3.5 Users

This is a thread for discussion of the Audirvana Studio launch and what it means for the current owners/users of Audirvana 3.5. @Antoine please take this as positive feedback for your thinking about how you will nurture your current user base.


My suggestions:

  • Explain if/how the new Remote app can be used with Audirvana 3.5 and will it be free to current Users?
  • Will you sell the music subscription as an add-on to 3.5 or do we need to switch to Studio? (you might want to think that one through carefully.)
  • The sound quality of 3.5 is full transparent (cannot possibly be improved) - so will you reconsider abandoning it and fix some of the most important bugs?
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I will happily stick to Audirvana 3.5.
Why should I pay subscription for features I do not need?



You get a discount in for the first year of about 30% (49 bucks instead of 69) if you’re 3.5 version user.
You can keep using the old version as long as you want and as long the OS is able to run it.
Hopefully they’ll fix the outstanding bugs on 3.5 related to the streaming services, but beyond that it will be just critical bug fixes and no new features.

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I had mixed feelings listening to the live stream.

As a developer I completely understand that a subscription model can help making the app profitable.

As a long time user of Audirvana I would like to believe that new features will be introduced quicker.

But have serious doubts on how quickly if ever some bugs will be fixed, based on existing track record. Yes I’m talking about the DSD with HEOS devices issue again. Or Qobuz tracks skipping.

Dunno if Damien has other developers helping him and imagine his hands were full with the new app UX. And they will continue to be full.


Can someone tell us in a few words what exactly was addressed.
My English is not the best at understanding and watching videos.

I just had a quick look.

As I understood a new version as Abo,3.5 version will hardly be developed further probably.
Is that right or wrong?

That’s correct and predictable. It is what it is at he moment. Hopefully some outstanding issues will be fixed, but that’s it.


Pff is a joke!
I haven’t even had Audirvana for a year and I’m supposed to be forced to book a subscription?

That would be $30 a month with Tidal.
I’ll have to take a closer look at what Roon has to offer compared to Audirvana and if it suits me, I can still change the streaming provider.

Let’s see what Roon. I think they are more advanced in certain respects than Audirvana, which can still only offer 2 main streaming providers.
I see that as the final straw.
Especially if you want to continue like this.

Nothing against Audirvana, I love it the way it is.
It could use some improvements, but otherwise it would be good.
And for the money it’s absolutely fine and there’s nothing better.

It’s a real shame to see the main pig slaughtered just to breed a new one.

At the moment, the music industry is unfortunately on the decline once again, especially what streaming providers are doing at the moment is the lowest drawer.
One can only hope that Audirvana will get at least 2 streaming providers on board if they want to offer that, otherwise I see black for the team.


So, a month ago, I paid £84 for a ‘lifetime’ licence to 3.5, a product that will no longer be updated? Have I got that right?


A3.5 is cheap with your lifetime license comparing to a subscription.
I am happy to have the same.


Wow. Yes, it is cheap compared to a subscription, but if I have to jump to the subscription model to receive updates, it’s money that I’ve essentially thrown away.


You don’t have to jump to subscription. As long it suits you in it’s current form it will continue to work for few years. Some users are still using Audirvana 3.2, even with Tidal.


I think is was a very bad presentation. French people who speak English is terrible.
But what is a lifetime license worth today. Ridiculous offer for a subscription.
Audirvana lost his charme today.


‘A few years’ does not equal a ‘lifetime’.


Lifetime should never be a term used in the commercial software industry. They will see to limit the “LIFETIME” to updates and bug fixes for only a version, which might be changed to version x.xx.xx tomorrow, effectively making LIFETIME nothing more than a marketing buzzword. Unfortunately I will not pay subscriptions. It’s time for a dedicated music file player, such as an AURENDER!


I saw the intro, okay, looks sorta like Tidal/BluOS app.
It has been optimized to sound really good.

Subscription $6.99 a month starting May 16. Only subscription.

Closed facebook after that. If I wanted subscription I would be paying for Roon; tried it and no.


All sounds awful… sadly.

With Tidal connect, now Spotify hifi, Apple hifi inbound this sounds like a play to those that have large flac libraries locally…but who wants to pay a subscription to play the music they own?

I like Audirvana, and also have Roon…but I feel like this may be one of the last nails in the coffin.



I was really disappointed to hear about the subscription model. Subscriptions are meant for service providers like Qobuz and Tidal, not for software.


Have had my “ lifetime” 3.5 license for a year or so, bought it instead of a Roon subscription. Really don’t like subscriptions at all, so won’t be buying the new Audivarna Studio. Doesn’t look like I’ll be alone judging on this forum and on the chat on the livestream. Time to look for other audio software.


Will have a look at AURENDER… :+1: