Audirvana Studio and Win2019 Server

First I just renewed my Studio Access annual license so my vote is for yay! The sole reason that lured me into Windows Audirvana Studio was the Kernal Streaming support and I applaud AS for the good job as KS stability improved and the Extreme KS is extremely nice. Those who have used or are using Jplay Femto audio service should love its KS sound but not the stabilty and limitations.

Anyway, back to my question. Planning to build a new pc and would like to run the Audirvana Studioo on Windows 2019 like the previous Jplay pc. Did some searching and found one with app installer and two scripts for the non Studio Audirvana. My question is are there users running in this configuration as the AS is relatively new. Thank you very much!

I guess nobody is running Audirvana Studio over Windows 2019…

Hi @geekee,

Sorry for the late reply. You can use Audirvāna Studio on Windows server 2019 if you want to, you however need to make sure to run the scripts you found to be able to install the software.

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Thank you very much Antoine!

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Hi Antoine,
Did a test install of Audirvana Studio over Windows 2019 GUI. The AppInstaller together with the two scripts found in this forum worked. Not a computer specialist and there were a few snags along the way which were solved by trial and error and googling. One could not though which is with Audiophile Optimizer 3 (AO3) at Ultimate Mode the disable network services part when answered “Yes” (best sound and basically the main purpose of using AO3) the Audirvana Remote (AVR) regardless ios or android could not see the PC. When answered the less robust “No” then the optional “yes” to disable “Remote Management” and “Remote Desktop” then AVR connects with the PC. Tried this several times no exceptions. The same more robust AO3 disabling network services then for years Roon and Jplay Femto both could be used with the tablets under this AO3 environment. This is not a firewall nor a private network issue. Not sure if this is within your support scope but it won’t hurt AS if it works in this environment. Thanks!

Like to report that with enough RAM AS plays smoothly DSD512 in Kernal Streamimg DoP 1.1 Extreme mode. Awesome.

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