Audirvana Studio - any good?

Dear all,

I am having problems yet again with Audirvana 3.5 create duplicate references to single music files and refusing to sync new additions. Got it working again after - again - deleting the database and appears to be slowly adding my music.

Anyway, in troubleshooting this I noticed there is a new ‘Studio’ product but cannot seem to find out in what way it will improve my generally troublesome and frustrating Audirvana experience! - new interface but will it be more reliable or offer any tangible advantages?

Also, how much is it to upgrade? I could see free trial option but nothing about the price.

Many thanks.


Audirvana Studio is now subscription based.

If you go to the Audirvana site

and click the hamburger menu in the top left

you will see a menu with all the options (also to subscribe and see the prices):

You can try it out for free for one month and see if you like it.

You can still keep your 3.5 version also.

Send a mail to support& if you have specific questions about your upgrade.

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Andy and Jim. Many thanks for giving me clarity. I buy most of my music on vinyl and the idea of spending £70 (two or three records worth) and getting just a year’s subscription - rather than a product to use in perpetuity - feels rather severely low value; especially so when my experience to date with the basic product has been less than exemplar. Are there are any mega features that would knock my socks right off and make this appear like a good deal?! thanks again. Joe

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I have both 3.5 and AS. Running them on both my laptops. A Lenovo running on Windows 11 Home and my good old MacBook Air which runs the new macOS Monterey.

Truth be told, after switching to AS I haven’t used 3.5 anymore. I’ve ended up getting 2 subs for AS so I can use both my laptops simultaneously, so I don’t have to log in/out if I wish to use the other one. Same as I have 2 licenses for 3.5. One for Windows and one for macOS.

I prefer AS’s interface over 3.5. And I also love that it supports radio stations next to my local files, Tidal and Qobuz. I don’t care for podcasts, but it supports those as well.

When it comes to sound quality, 3.5 and AS sound pretty much the same here. Well I don’t have audiophile equipments which costs thousands of Euro’s. My Mac plays music in my living room and is connected through Bluetooth to a set of Presonus monitor speakers. My Windows laptop is my daily workhorse and is connected to my good old Philips receiver with Rank Arena speakers through an USB Audiotrak soundcard. Both sound better than Roon. More clear in my opinion.

I’ve used to buy CD’s, but the last one I’ve bought was at least 10 years ago. I have my collection ripped but most music I’m streaming through Tidal and Qobuz. And AS works very nicely there.

But you can give AS a shot by getting a trial. And see for yourself if it suits you. It was very buggy at release, but it has been updated and fixed a lot since May. It’s not perfect yet, but it runs fine here.


Audirvana Studio is growing in the right direction. Future looks promising.

An almost fatal flaw in the user interface is that AS doesn’t reveal any of your playlists in the left column, where literally all the rest of your music-choices are.

After much trial and error, I finally discovered that there’s a small ‘edit playlists’ button at the top of the screen. If you click on that a small window opens on which you can find you playlists.

It’s the antithesis of intuitive and it’s driving me batty that it still hasn’t been addressed some eight months after AS came out of beta.

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You can add up to three playlist to left side currently, request have been submitted to allow more

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