Audirvana Studio cannot drive Hegel H390?

Hello everyone at Audirvana
I have just taken a new leap of faith and subscribed to the Audirvana Studio service — I had tried at the time of introduction but decided that there too many issues for me…
2 years or so later, I am now testing both Audirvana Origin (seems to work fine) and the Audirvana Studio subscription service, in particular because I want to take advantage of Internet radios.
However, I have three very annoying issues with the Audirvana Studio version:

  • I does not read DSD64 or SACD-ISO continuously. The software keeps stopping at the end of each track, and sends some (very) annoying static ticks on my speakers.
  • Internet radios simply refuse to play, I have a “erreur au démarrage de la radio” message on every single radio station I have tried (podcasts seem to work but I just want my advertisement-free radio, not podcasts.
  • Finally, there is an annoying issue with the Hegel H390 - when I control the DAC/amp from Audirvana, the amp gets in “Network” mode (normal) but then I cannot switch to any other input unless I turn Audirvana off on my computer (or change the output to my computer built-in spearkers, which is annoying). At this stage, I often disconnect the Ethernet cable from the amp to get rid of the Audirvana control, but that 's clearly not an ideal situation.

So my questions are: How can I fix this (have access to continuous play in DSD and SACD-ISO, have access to Internet radios, and be able to switch to other inputs on my amp if I want to…

Any help would be appreciated at this stage
Thanks in advance,

Hello Eric, I can’t help much with the Hegel specific stuff. I think that @Jacob is using a Hegel, maybe he can check in.
As far as Radio goes last I had Studio subscription a couple of months ago the service was not always available. They are using Airable with no metadata support still. Surprised that Hegel doesn’t have an internet radio service in their app? Have you tried to use TuneIn radio?

Airable sounds good but the implementation seems a bit wonky with Studio.

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From the Hegel H390 manual:

Digital Inputs

The Hegel H390 supports MQA on all digital inputs. USB, BNC, Coaxial and Optical inputs have support for DSD(DoP).

H390 supports DSD64,DSD128,DSD256 via DoP

Please post your debug information here so folks can help you better…
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With my Hegel and Audirvana in network mode I have the same annoying experience. But also, for example, when putting it in standby. Audirvana continues to take the Hegel out of ‘eco’ mode after I choose to put the Hegel in standby. Why does Audirvana keep claiming the connection when playback is stopped?

Anyway. I’m already a few months back with 3.5 over a USB connection and then I have no problems.

The Hegel Röst doesn’t support DSD, so I can’t share any experience about that.


Thank you sir

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Thanks Offrode, that’s helpful information. I am not technically-verse so I’ll just stick to what works until some user-friendly solution is made available.

I’ll probably just stick to Audirvana 3.5 (which works fine in DSD through USB connection) and with TuneIn for radio, and just control everything from my main Mac through screen sharing.

I like the Audirvana Origin UI, but I am still not convinced by the Studio version (…maybe down the line).

I have also added a simple app to control my Hegel amp (called Hegel Remote) which helps me with volume control and simple commands.

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Hi Jacob, same here - I am using 3.5 on a dedicated Macbook (from 2014) which sits next to my Hegel, and I control it through screen sharing. Works fine for DSD on USB, but clearly it does not work through an ethernet connection, I don’t understand why (but I don’t really care enough to spend a whole lot of time on the issue).
Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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